To My Star Trek Fans in Russia

WOMEN IN MOTION DOCUMENTARY ABOUT SPACE (DO YOU REMEMBER STAR TREK?) The Nichelle Nichols Documentary: WOMAN IN MOTION is out and Streaming Across the Universe! My good friend Ivor Dawson from the “Traveling Space Museum.” Is in this new documentary.  He has been supporting Nichelle Nichols for several years and he is currently helping me with the Barboza Space […]

SIRIUS-Mars160 Veteran Anastasia Stepanova to Address 2020 Mars Society Convention

SIRIUS-Mars160 Veteran Anastasia Stepanova July 18, 2020 Mars analog, Mars160, Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences, SIRIUS, Space Simulation, STEM, The Mars Society, Virtual Conference, Virtual EventNews & Announcements The Mars Society is pleased to welcome Anastasia Stepanova, an engineer at the Russian Academy of Science’s Institute of Biomedical Problems and veteran crew member of two major space simulation programs – SIRIUS(Scientific International Research in Unique Terrestrial Station) and […]

Anastasiya: Volunteer Rescue helps with training for Mars

Anastasiya Stepanova 1d · The stories of volunteer rescue are always interesting. Anya has become not only my favorite senior shift, but also a friend! Girl power · See original · Rate this translation ОПСО “СпасРезерв” 2d · Anna Khasikova – senior shift, driver of ASA, senior curator of training groups. Anya surprisingly manages to […]