Russia Day One

The purpose of this journal is to connect my Kids Talk Radio student backpack journalists in the USA with student Kids Talk Radio journalists in Russia.  This is our way of getting Kids Talk Radio connected all over the world.

Plane Information:  We took a flight on November 11, 2012, directly to Moscow.  This was a fantastic non-stop flight.  Our plane traveled at an average speed of about 500 mph and we flew part way across the Untied States and then headed up to Canada.  We did not fly directly across the Atlantic Ocean as many of my students think that this is the most direct way to fly.  When I looked out the plane window I could see Greenland and then Norway.  Moscow airport was very large and their were lots of signs in English.  It was not too difficult getting through customs.  I saw iPhones and iPads everywhere in the airport.  Apple Computer has made their mark in Russia.

It is very cold in Russia during this time of year and you must pay attention to the gloves, hat, shoes, pants and coat that you are selecting for this type of trip.  It is snowing right now.

We are located close to a university and our apartment is located in just the right place.  We can reach most things by foot.  We were able to find a shopping district and it appears that you can buy just about anything that you need if the case that you forget things.  We will take photos of our electronic gear and adapters.

Caution:  I plugged in a European adapter.  Then I plugged in an American power strip.  I ended up blowing up the power strip and you could smell the smoke in the apartment.  Only Kids Talk Radio talks about things like this.

One the first day we spent lots of time sleeping and trying to shake off the jet lag.

We will take photos of the apartment and what is is like to be in the middle of Ufa, Russia.Image


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