Russia Day Three

More snow.  In Russia it is Christmas everyday. Last night we all went to watch the men’s Russian Volleyball Team.  They beat Finland in three.  The Russians were our team.  We dressed like we were going on a trip to Antarctica.  It is so hard for a California Boy to relate to all of this cold and snow.  After the game, we all went out to eat at an Italian place in the middle of Russian.  See attached photo.  The tall guy in the center is a very famous Russian National Volleyball Player.  He is the assistant coach of the men’s volleyball team.  I will have his Russian name in my next post.  I left my notes in the car and it is too cold to go and get the notes.  As I look out my apartment windows I see people coming and going.  I have not seen the sun in the last three days and I may never see the sun again.  However, I am getting to like Ufa, Russian.  Today I had a chance to read “The Moscow News”.  I am reading an article about “It ain’t Easy Being Russian.”  The article is about the quest for national identity and the fact that their have been demonstrations and lots of Kremlin intrigue.  I will finish reporting on this story when I get home.




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