President Obama Talks About Going to Mars

Mars 2030 what’s good? Who wants to go to Mars?   The students at the Barboza Space Center were thrilled to hear the news coming from President Obama this week.  “We are all training to be junior astronauts, engineers and scientists and President Obama was saying just what we wanted to hear.”   We invite […]

Wanted Raspberry Pi Projects for K-12 Education: Occupy Mars Projects

The Barboza Space Center:  is collecting Raspberry Pi projects to share with the Open Source Community.   Send us what you are working on an we will share the resources that we are working on.   If you need more information you can contact us at The Raspberry Pi is a series of credit card-sized single-board computers developed in […]

Growing Food on Mars

What can we learn from our Russian students about growing food on Mars? Bob Barboza, Occupy Mars Learning Adventures Project Dear Bob, A revolution is coming, one that will overcome challenges we can only imagine, powered by technology we won’t even see. The next generation of life-changing technologies goes far beyond keyboards, screens, smart phones, […]

Student Science Experiments Needed for Antarctica

The Occupy Mars Learning Adventures Team Needs Your Help.  The Barboza Space Center is collaborating with Antarctic explorer Doug Stoup. We want to conduct a student science experiment at the South Pole. Our team is leaving for Antarctica this December, 2016. We are looking for a science experiment that we can conduct on Earth that […]

Panel to Discuss STEM Education & Pathway to Red Planet at 2016 Mars Society Convention

  Bob Barboza will be presenting on the opening of the new Barboza Space Center and participating on the STEM educational panel.  He leads a team of scientists, engineers and educators as they prototype solutions for Martian habits, satellites , robots and science experimental centers.  He works in partnership with Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey, California. […]

A Message About Mars

NASA’s findings suggest Mars even more Earth-like than previously believed NASA’s Curiosity rover has been exploring the Gale Crater on Mars since 2012, and in that time has come up with some astounding discoveries that suggest the Red Planet was somewhat Earth-like in its earlier times. The rover has come through again, this time detecting […]